City of Overland Park Notice of Street Tree Trimming

Each year the City of Overland Park inspects the city’s streets and right of ways for over hanging tree limbs and branches that may be a hazard to the public for various reasons.

This year, our street has been selected and we think the city will find it in great shape. When there’s a tree trimmer on the block, neighborhood trees are pretty well taken care of.

These are good measures to live by for those Overland Park residents who’s streets and trees have been selected. Take a look at your yard and try to estimate by the measurements the notice states are safe and acceptable standards.

Trees will be trimmed by the city and inspected by an arborist. This is a good way to save money on tree trimming, but there are some things the city doesn’t cover. If your tree branches are inside the acceptable measurements over the sidewalk and less than 13 feet over the street, but your tree has dead branches that should be maintained, the city will not touch your tree. You’ll need to call us to have your dead branches removed safely.

city-of-overland park notice of street tree trimming

Here’s what the notice says:

“Your street has been selected for the 2017 Residential Street Maintenance Program. Large equipment and trucks will be used to complete this work.Trees adjacent to the street with low branch clearance must be trimmed to protect the integrity of the tree and avoid damage.

  • Trees with limbs less than 13 feet over the street and/or eight feet (8 ft.) over the sidewalk will be trimmed; however, consideration for smaller trees will be taken and trimmed accordingly.
  • Tree limbs will be removed on both sides of the tree to balance the canopy when necessary.
  • Work will be completed by a private contractor, monitored by a certified arborist and the city, before July 1, 2017.
  • For questions regarding the street improvement, please contact Public Works at 913-895-6040 or the City Forester at 913-327-6630 for questions about the tree trimming.

Further information will be provided at a later date regarding the schedules street maintenance.”

In essence, we all need to be able to drive and walk under tree branches. There have been incidents where a delivery truck catches a large tree limb and damages the truck and the tree. Nobody wants to start a day like that.

The Parks Services division of Overland Park will oversee the project. If your tree is selected, make sure a certified arborist approves of limbs to be trimmed. Some of the time, workers won’t go out of their way to shape a tree and also make sure it’s trimmed to keep the tree healthy and growing well.

For complete control over the trees in your yard, contact Tree Trimming Overland Park at (913) 717-7102‬ for a free quote and to have your trees professionally maintained.