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Proper Cutting Keeps Trees Healthy

Tree care is important. Cutting your trees with the right strategy will keep your trees healthy.

The strategy you choose with the help of your tree services company plays an important role in the healthy and future growth of your trees. A good strategy will prevent disease and pests from affecting your trees.

Too many times, we see tree companies in the Kansas City area cut off too many limbs or cut to high just to earn a buck. This leaves the canopy too far from the roots and prevents water from reaching the canopy, providing essential life for the future growth of the tree. You don't need to cut too much to keep the tree healthy.

The goal of cutting limbs and pruning trees is to keep the tree healthy and growing for years to come.

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Regular Tree Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your trees is important to keep your trees healthy and strong. Regular trimming will allow the right amount of sunlight and air circulation, so your trees will benefit, be healthy and strong.

Typically, you'll want a professional to look at your trees every 3 years to check the growth and provide a free estimate for maintenance if your trees need it.

Remember, don't cut just to cut. Cut when it's best for the tree and the surrounding trees.

Timely Trimming Makes the Difference

There’s a right time and a wrong time to trim your trees. The best time change from species to species. We'll make sure to talk to you about the right and wrong times to trim the specific trees in your yard.

We’ll help you choose the best strategy for your particular species of trees, so they stay healthy and strong for years to come.

Call us if

  • It's been 3 years since your trees have been trimmed
  • You see dead branches that are high or need to be removed safetly
  • A branch or many small branches have fallen in your yard
  • You'd like a free estimate to maintain your tree properly

Free Estimates for Tree Services

Receive a free estimate detailing the work you requested. We include a break down of all the work and the pricing for each item. No leaf is left unturned.